Goal Celebration Button

Inspired by Budweiser's Red Light, this simple device uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W to integrate wirelessly with smart home components. It plays a goal celebration song through Sonos speakers and lights up a lamp connected to a smart switch.

It started out as a project to duplicate the abilities of the Red Light – that is, it was to monitor the NHL's data feed for goal alerts, and then signal the smart home devices accordingly. However, while testing it was discovered that manually triggering the celebration turned out to more fun! That's when the project pivoted from being a hidden appliance to a big button anyone can push whenever their team scores a goal.

It is finished to resemble Maple Leaf Gardens, the historic landmark where the Toronto Maple Leafs originally played their home games.

Here it is in action. Notice the "Cheer" sign mounted above the TV lighting up during the celebration.

Read all about the build here.